Uses of radiant heat warmer and it’s modes

Infants / newborns basically have to handle any of these two phases one is hyperthermia it is characterized by an uncontrolled increase in body temperature that exceeds the body’s capacity to lose heat, in contrast to a fever. Causes of hyperthermia in infants include exposure to a hot environment to tackle this pediatrician uses Phototherapy unit.

The Second Phase is hypothermia which is the critical one Hypothermia (decrement of body temperature ) at birth is one of the most important risk factors for newborn morbidity and mortality. 99% of newborns that die globally are in such settings. It is important to keep infants warm and help them achieve thermoregulation in order to prevent and minimize morbidities and mortalities due to hypothermia. The device used for this is Radiant Warmer / Incubator.

What is Infant Radiant Warmer ?

Infant Radiant Warmer, is a body warming device to provide heat to the infant body. This equipment helps in managing the body temperature of the baby and limit the metabolism rate. Heat has a tendency to flow in the heat gradient direction that is from high temperature to low temperature. The heat loss in some newborn babies is fast therefore body warmers provide support to keep the body temperature constant.

Warming Device Consist of two modes – Manual & Servo

Radiant Warmers consists of a baby bed(where the baby is kept) and the artificial heating is provided by a heating mechanism mounted overhead. The heating mechanism can be of quartz, caloroid or ceramic which produces desired heat and a reflecting mechanism(reflector above heating element) helps to divert the heat at the baby bed. The skin temperature of the baby can be monitored by a temperature measuring sensor that is kept continuously attached to the body and one air sensor for additional safety of the baby as the sensor will cut the heater output if the air temperature crosses the desired temperature. The variation in the skin and the temperature can be seen on a small LCD panel which continuously shows the body temperature. Radiant warmers are equipped with alarms and APGAR timer to indicate the change in temperature and hence attract attention of medical professional attending the baby. The heat generated can be controlled manually(Manual mode) by a knob or digital switch as well as automatically(Servo mode) depending on the Radiant Heat Warmer setting.

The Radiant warmer can be used as servo or manual depending on the baby condition and operator. in servo mode a pre defined temperature is set 36.5* C the temperature will rise gradually and will cut once it reaches to the desired temperature and will try to manage the temperature. whereas in manual mode user have to define the heater power and temperature as well for how long the device has to be activated.

 It is always recommended to have a proper training and read the manufacturers guidelines for person handling this equipments. It is necessary to regularly clean and disinfect the instrument.

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