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Advance and modern technology based Electro Surgical Unit provides high level user consistent performance and safety for all demanding procedures. The nature of multi specialty of the unit is to be compatible with all standard, general accessories and other tools.



  • Lesser sticking and dragging of electrode in different tissue.
  • Reduce the frequent adjustment of power setting as the tissue changes.
  • Decrease the risk of collateral tissue damage due to sparkles and charring free power.
  • Minimize the patient recovery time by performing precise and clean cutting and coagulation.
  • Minimum RF distortion in other O.T. Equipment.
  • Patient plate fault monitoring system.
  • Auto monitoring facility, indicates different error codes if any error comes during use.
  • Randomized form of spray mode.
  • Two independent power activation of mono polar output, hand switch operation and foot switch operation.
  • Separate bipolar generator with foot switch operation or hand (auto) operation, eliminates the need of foot switch need to be used.


The MEDILAP high power, operating room generator/Electrosurgical Unit. The unit consist tissue impedance monitoring system, self adjustment of power output to reduce the continuous power setting for different tissue needs, to provide user consistent performance with all digital display of power and modes.

High Power Vessel Sealing System with Electrosurgical Unit

Advance Microcontroller based high power generator