Effective high intensity photo-therapy device based on advance LED technology to treat the critical condition.
The unique design of device and distribution of light intensity ensures to cover the entire treatment area.
Mediray-06+ Performs fast results in conditions.
Baby bed is transparent with tiltable facility and collapsible side panels.
LED based display supply and control unit with treatment time and integrated cumulative hour meter.
Having a height adjustable mechanism.
Epoxy powder coated frame, control box and IV rod. Heavy duty base with anti static castors.


  • Irradiance > 35 µwatts/cm2/nm
  • LED Life – > 35,000 hrs.
  • No UV/IR Radiation
  • No Heat Generation
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Light Weight
  • Height and Angle Adjustment Facility
  • Mounted on Castor Wheels for easy Mobility
  • Can be used in Conjunction with any make Radiant Warmer / Incubators
  • Digital Time Totalizer
  • Wave length : 400-550 nm
  • Safety Cut Off in case of overheating (Optional)
  • Total Hours and Therapeutic Hours display
  • 4 Castor Wheels
  • White Light for Observation (Optional)