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Technical Specification

Microproceesor based Radiant Warmer

  • Microprocessor-based innovation guarantees precise support of set temperature with inner exactness of 0.01°.
  • Easy to use on-board temperature alignment with feather touch keys.
  • Easy to understand feather contact control.
  • Key-Pad lock to prevent accidental changes of any set parameters.
  • Fitted with special halogen/LED examination light for operating the baby for treatment.
  • A green indicator is provided for informing that the system is ready for normal use. Rendered with LED bar for heater ON %, while maintaining set value.

Babby Bassinet/Trolley

  • The device has a fixed bassinet trolley.
  • Baby Bed has a tilt-able provision for the x-ray cassette holder.
  • Mattress foam density is < 25 kg/cm3.
  • Transparent Unbreakable Polycarbonate collapsible sidewalls are easily detachable for cleaning.

Head/Heater box of Radiant Warmer

  • Microprocessor-based Radiant Warmer consists of both Servo controlled and manual modes with digital display, Unit consisting swiveling heater source with high-quality ceramic heaters (Quartz / Calaroid on demand).
  • Warmer head 90 degrees rotatable in both directions, so as to allow taking X-ray.


  • Unbreakable transparent drop-down side panels, IV pole, Side shelf for monitors
    & bottom shelf for baby belongings.

Examination Lamp

  • Observation light Luminance >1000lux and Colour temperature is in between 3700K to 5100K.
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  • 1” bright skin & Air temp. display
  • Green LED Indicator for System Ready Function
  • Numeric %  of the heater output display
  • Set temp. display on LCD
  • Control mode display on LCD
  • APGAR Timer display on LCD

Safety Alarm for Auto Mode(Skin)

  • “Skin Temp. High” (>0.5°C of set temp.)
  • “Skin Temp. Low” (<0.5°C of set temp.)
  • “Skin Temp. Over Range” (>38°C)
  • “Skin Probe Fail” (“Sensor Error”)

Manual Mode

  • Time programmable
  • Heater output adjustable
  • Over temp. cutoff.
  • Timer / APGAR Timer
  • Audio Alarm mute facility

Safety Alarm for Auto Mode(Air)

  • “Air Temp. High” (>1.5°C of set temp.)
  • “Air Temp. Low” (<3.0°C of set temp.)
  • “Air Temp. Over Range” (>39°C)
  • “Air Probe Fail”

System Alarm

  • Temp High.
  • Temp Low.
  • Over-Temp.
  • Heater Failure
  • Power Failure
  • Sensor Error