Non-meddling treatment (PT), in any case called physiotherapy, is one of the cooperated prosperity purposes for living that, by using confirmation based kinesiology, electrotherapy, shockwave philosophy, practice arrangement, joint enactment and prosperity guidance, treats conditions, for instance, unending or exceptional torment, sensitive tissue wounds.

Short Wave Diathermy

MEDILAP MSD 500 is an advance device, unique design, high power shortwave frequency generator with easy control panel, Heavy duty trolley housed in rushed proof metal body duly mounted in non slippery rubber casters.
The high frequency generating circuitry produces radio frequency waves of 27.12 MHz that penetrates deep into muscle tissue, with negligible heating in fatty and hard tissues i.e. bone layer through a capacitive and inductive electrodes due to non contact application, the capacitive electrode have a larger surface area to effect and with contact application the inductive electrode produces deeper effect in body. The unit have facility to produce the controlled energy into the area to be treated with marginal effect on adjacent tissues. The solid and effective generator ensures the efficient power with uniform heating frequency, which is safer for the patient and user as well as the longer life of device.


A large LCD for easy visibility of operation instruction and programs.
48 different ready programs can be used for chronic, acute and traumatic conditions of pain due to muscle weakness, accidental injuries, joint pain due to weak ligament and arthritis osteo or rheumatoid etc.
Combistim has facility to use the program permanently stored or manually desired program can be made for specific treatment.
The method to select 4 KHz or 2.5 kHz for pain relief and muscle strengthening of weaker muscles. By selecting the muscle stimulator the stimulation which makes all the muscles of a group work together and as required.
Similarly while the tens is selected, different frequencies of tiny pulses and adequate intensity can be applied to plasma membrane of nerve fiber to improve the sensory nerves acts.


MEDILAP DEEPSTIM is a unique and compact design of interferential therapy with digital power display and analogue controls makes the unit friendly operating and this is suitable for deep tissue stimulation of low frequency and low intensity.
Two different frequency modes 4 KHz and 2 kHz for pain relief and muscle exercising and same time by selecting the third option of 2.5 KHz of frequency Russian stimulator used for treatment of sports injuries. The facility for output balance in either the channels, if the area where the pads are applied for treatment is felt less or more, while the intensity control increases the power in a similar ratio in both the channels.

Upper CPM

DLCPM-03 pioneering fully automatic & programmable device. This unit is specially for upper extremities elbow, shoulder and hand to stimulate the healing of cartilage in addition to the reduction of post operative swelling & pain. The solid state circuitry control panel with LCD display for operative time of treatment, the angle degree which is fixed in separate programs. For the flexion and extension of an elbow treatment. Wrist rotation/roll, forearm exercise, abduction/adduction, shoulder movement can also b achieved. Unit is fitted in mobile electric jack to adjust height according to patient requirement. comes with necessary accessories for supination/ pronation, wrist roll and shoulder passive motion.

Knee CPM

DLCPM-01 is effective electronically controlled(operated) mechanical device to reduce blood and fluid accumulation in and around joints, due to trauma or surgical applications, it is useful in avoiding the growth of subsequent, joint stiffness, maintenance of articular cartilage. The alternate stretching of joints under limit of flexion and extension to work the fluid out of the articular reason.


ACUTENS-06 is a portable TENS device suitable for clinical and visiting professionals. The unit produces electrical impulses, send to the pain part of the body to block the pain signal.
The mild electrical impulses are produced, which can prevent the pain massages being transmitted to the brain and may raise the level of endorphin (pain killers produced by brain) to kill the feeling of pain. The unit have digital display of treatment time and different treatment programs, which are selected for specific requirements and identified with LED indicators and up to 150 Hz freq. and Sep. intensity control.


Portable ultrasonic device with crystal pixels display, unique for clinical treatment of chronic and acute pain. 1MHz frequency is used for deep penetration which blocks pain effect in hard tissues, joints and arterial blood vessels, while the 3Mhz is useful for superficial muscle pain and blood flow enhancement.
Two different treatment methods are produced i.e. continuous and pulse mode, pulse mode of power is converted into penetration and pause principle, which gives a non thermal effect.


MEDIVAC-S2 is a high pressure vacuum therapy fitted with electrically operated motor and air pump, used to reduce the fatty deposits, displace the aspects of cellulite, to stimulate the fatty tissues in sucked circulation, and reflexes as muscle contraction, similarly giving massages effects, by producing heat, using vacuum on the fatty deposits which breaks into small areas and easily broken by stimulating gadgets.
The unit is designed with large graphic LED and software programming and SMPS power supply.


Four different current wave forms I,e. faradic, galvanic and interrupted galvanic.
Very simple design with analogue control of power intensity and contraction time for surge faradic mode of current.
The interrupted galvanic current has four different frequency modes for treatment, identified by different LED indicators during selection, similarly the power indicator LED.
A digital display treatment timer 0-99 min for specific treatments.


MEDISLIM-08 is unique table top clinical 8 channel device.
Thick, durable and hard cotton material is used to cover the pads and stitched by vector straps.
The unit is sued a digital timer for treatment which allow the unit to stop automatically deliver power after completion of treatment time, Separated thermostatic control is provided at front panel for each pad along with output socket.
All control, sockets are provided at front panel for better operational facility.


CLT-04 is an advance Micro- controller based fully digital display electronic cervical and lumber traction device.
MEDILAP ELECTRO TRAC CLT-04 is designed with jerk free gear system and high torque AC motor for smooth traction pulling and release to avoid painful treatment


MEDILAP ELECTRO TRAC CLT-03 is an analogue control electronic cervical and lumber traction device with digital treatment timer, duly fitted with high torque AC motor and jerk free gear system for smooth traction force pulling and release.